Camel ADV - Ducati Desert X High Fender Kit

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Read the entire product page before you order!

Building from the experience we've gained from our Africa Twin and Yamaha T7 High Fender Kits, we designed this kit for the extremely capable Desert X. This high-fender kit is built to last and perform in even the most extreme off-road conditions. 

The Camel ADV High Fender Kit enhances your DX's look and provides increased tire-to-fender clearance to keep things turning in muddy conditions. It's the perfect addition for riders looking to take their off-road adventures to the next level. 

And with easy installation, you can have the Camel ADV High Fender Kit on your bike in no time, ready to take on your next adventure. Plus, its sleek design adds a touch of style and sophistication to your bike, making it stand out from the crowd. 

Don't settle for anything less than the best for your Desert X! 


Your kit includes the following: 

  • Black anodized billet 6061 fender adaptor
  • Galfer braided stainless steel brake line and hardware
  • Anodized aluminum fork guard adaptors
  • All required fasteners
  • Camel ADV decals

The fender and fork guards themselves are NOT INCLUDED in the kit! 

Why? Several reasons: 

  • Shipping our kit without a fender and fork guards is much more affordable for customers. Fenders are bulky and require a much larger shipping box than the conversion parts. 
  • We buy fenders at near retail prices. Our cost to purchase fenders is usually higher than our customers' local price.
  • All that been said, in the future, we may stock one fender style in a few colors just in case you don't want to source your own.


Fender info: 

Due to the short distance from the bike's triple clamp to the rad guard and the overall size of the fork guards, we recommend using the PoliSport SM Line/UFX fender. 

  • White PoliSport SM Line/UFX fender: 8553500001
  • Black PoliSport SM Line/UFX fender: 8553500002

  • Yellow PoliSport SM Line/UFX fender: 8553500003
  • Blue PoliSport SM Line/UFX fender: 8553500005

  • Red PoliSport SM Line/UFX fender: 8553500006


Fork Guard Info:

Due to the unique mounting arrangement of the Desert X's low fender, standard dirtbike-style fork guards are not compatible with DX's forks. You will need Norden 901 fork guard kit (part number below) to complete your conversion. 

  • Norden 901 Fork Guard - KTM part# 63501994044C1 (PAIR)


KTM 790R or 890R fork guards can also be used, but they have an orange graphic molded into the plastic. 

  • KTM 790ADV-R Fork Guard 63501093000C1A (right), 63501092000C1A (left)

  • KTM 890ADV-R Fork Guard 63501093000C1B (right), 63501092000C1B (left)