Camel ADV - Honda Africa Twin CRF1000 Peg Support (PLUS)

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Honda Africa Twin Camel Brace Peg Support (2016-2017 only)

The Problem:

We all know the Honda Africa Twin is great but like any bike, it has some weak spots. Unlike the bike's beefy left side peg mount which is made of cast iron, the right side footpeg mount is cast aluminum. This can be problematic, especially when the bike is ridden offroad. It can be easily broken if it takes a hit from the front (rock, stump, etc). It can also be snapped off if it gets hit from the bottom while dropping into a rut or while sliding even on a minor low side crash etc.

Riding out of the backcountry with no right-side footpeg means not being able to stand in the rough stuff. Even worse, it's very difficult to use the rear brake effectively if you have no footpeg. This can be a real problem, especially on a DCT bike that you can't simply stall in gear to hold your position on a hill if things go badly... ask us how we know!

While it is possible to create a much stronger peg mount bracket to replace the cast aluminum unit, a stronger bracket can put a huge amount of strain on the bike's frame in the event of a crash. Also, this bracket is quite complex (expensive) as it serves as the peg mount, exhaust hanger, center stand stop, and rear bracket pedal pivot. Due to its large size, it's impractical to carry a spare peg mount with you.

The Solution:

Our laser cut 1/4" (6.4mm) thick aluminum peg skid plate/brace and 3/16" (4.5mm) 304 stainless steel mounting bracket both protects the peg mount from taking a hit to begin with but also support it making it several times stronger the stock piece on its own.

The Camel Brace Std protects and strengthens the peg mount. The Camel Brace Plus strengthens the peg mount and also extends to cover the vulnerable rear section of the exhaust pipe protecting it from rock damage. 

Real-world tested in the rugged Rocky Mountains!

Note: Black Dog Cycle Works pegs are incompatible with our brace due to their unique design.


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