Camel ADV - Tenere 700 Gas Tank Cap Seal

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An annoying issue with the T7 is its leaking fuel tank cap seal. The cap has a spring-loaded seat under it and if there is any downward pressure on the cap other than straight down, the cap rocks slightly and the seal starts to leak. 

I know you're thinking, "Why would there be pressure on my fuel cap?!". If you use a tank bag, it will be sitting on top of the gas cap and they can apply pressure to it. If you drop your bike and the tank bag is pushing on the cap, there's a good chance your tank bag (and its contents) will be soaked with gasoline... way less than ideal.

This leaky cap problem also creates issues for our Camel Tank customers. Fuel is transferred from the Camel Tank to the main tank using vacuum. If the main tank cap doesn't seal properly, no vacuum is created and the fuel won't transfer properly.

Our 1.5mm thick Viton sealing ring is a quick, cheap and effective way to keep the gas and fumes in your fuel tank.

*Fuel cap is NOT included! You are purchasing only the new seal!*