Camel ADV T7 Fork Guards Plastics

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As with most ADV and street bikes, the T7's body panels are made of ABS plastic, which can crack with even minor impacts; that's less than ideal on an ADV bike!

Like many T7 riders, we were waiting for one of the big plastic companies to start producing Tenere fork guards from dirt bike plastic, but no one did, so we did!

Our T7 fork guards are made from Polypropylene (the same plastic used in dirt bike fenders and fairings), which is far better suited for your backcountry adventures than the OEM ABS plastic.

As with all of our parts, these have been torture-tested in the Rocky Mountains!

Our fork guards are:

  • Direct bolt-on replacements for an easy install
  • Significantly more durable than the factory ABS parts
  • Available in black, white and blue*
  • Compatible with our aluminum fork guard protectors

  • Compatible with OEM low fender and aftermarket high fender kits
  • Guaranteed against cracking for 3 years; if it cracks, we'll replace it for free**

Are you adding a decal kit to your bike? Wrap these fork guards instead and keep your OEM parts shiny and new for increased resale value!

*We cannot guarantee an exact color match to your bike's other body panels! The OEM white and blue are metallic finishes; these parts are not. The blue option is the same color as Yamaha dirt bikes, NOT the metallic T7 blue.*

**Guaranteed against cracking. Guards that have been torn, punctured, ripped off, etc are not covered. Shipping, taxes, duties, etc on replacement panels are the customer's responsibility.**

***These guards have a light-textured, matte finish similar to the OEM guards***