Rebel X - Tenere 700 Explorer Rally Kit

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Developed and used by Yamaha Factory Riders: Alessandro Botturi and Pol Tarres 

FITS ALL Yamaha Tenere 700, Tenere 700 Rally and Tenere 700 Extreme. Does not fit the World Raid edition. 

The ideal Plug&Play solution to install a Tablet or big GPS being sure to have it nice and stable on your Yamaha Tenere 700. Having the fuse box lets you have 4 power outlets directly on your nav tower and avoids you having to run many wires all the way to the battery. The dashboard is moved onto the handlebars so that even big tablets can be fitted. This nav tower replaces the OEM tower brackets while maintaining the OEM Headlight and Windshield without the need of much effort. The installation is very straight forward and can be done in house with no particular mechanical experience.